Mini Bundles Coming Soon!

Mini Bundles Coming Soon!

Our candle minis are being bundled!

Our candle minis sell extremely well on our website, especially for first time customers who don't know what a certain scent will REALLY smell like.

We get it! A big part about buying candles is smelling them, and you can't do that through the internet!

It's why we introduced our candle minis. Poured into 2oz tins, they're perfect for trying out a scent without spending a bunch of money & ending up with a huge candle you hate.

We decided to take our best-selling minis & turn them into bundles! 

Each bundle will hold 3 minis and will be themed so it's easier for you to find the scent profile you'd like best.

For example, the 'Holiday Faves' bundle will include Christmas Slay, Salted Caramel Suspicionand Peppermint Mocha Peril.

We'll also have:

  • Floral Faves
  • Summer Faves
  • Fall Faves
  • Coffee Faves

We're hoping to have these bundles available by mid-November, just in time for your Holiday shopping!

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