Stubborn Goals, Flexible Plans

Stubborn Goals, Flexible Plans

Over the years, I've learned that it's good to be stubborn with goals but not necessarily the plans to reach those goals. Things change over the time it takes for us to accomplish what we've set, so our plans should change as well.

Recently, I noticed that things haven't been working as well in the course I'd last set for Bookmarksical. Progress has become stagnant, and I needed to reevaluate how to reach the goals for the company and myself.

I gave myself time to reflect on what exactly was and wasn't working and brainstormed ways to get back on track towards reaching my goals.

I'm happy to say that it was productive, and I've set out a new plan that I hope will get things churning again!

The big takeaway was to diversify.

While I felt like I was everywhere, I also felt like I wasn't doing enough. Streaming on Twitch was taking up 60-70% of my workday, which left me with little time to do everything else I needed to engage all of you and provide you with quality, engaging, and helpful content.

So with that in mind, here are the changes you'll see coming to Bookmarksical:

  • I'm now streaming cross stitch/crochet on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons & co-working streams on Fridays.
  • More regular content on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Ko-fi.
  • Regular blog posts here focusing on the main candle business (schedule TBD)
  • Various videos on TikTok. (Vote for the content you'd like to see here!)
  • Focus on Craftivism & Eco-friendly themes on YouTube & Ko-fi
  • YouTube content will include tutorials & ideas for introducing craftivism & eco-friendly products into your everyday life.
  • Ko-fi content will feature regular blog posts on craftivism, sustainability, and environmentally friendly projects.
  • EcoStyle by Bookmarksical is an eco-friendly line of crocheted items in the Ko-fi shop. Everything in this line is crocheted with 100% cotton and includes products to help you reduce waste & save money long term.
  • Patreon Memberships: There are currently memberships & perks on Ko-fi, but I am working on a Patreon to provide various membership tiers & perks for those who are more comfortable/familiar with Patreon.

You may have already seen some of these changes start to take shape!

This week has been the first week on the new Twitch schedule, and it's been exciting to have time to work on some of these points. Keep an eye out over the next few months as more of these changes are rolled in!

As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share in the comments below or send a message on the Contact Page!

What change(s) are you most excited for?

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