Why All the Violent Names?

Why All the Violent Names?

I was at a craft show in late August when a couple came up to my booth. They were very nice, and after some brief hellos, they started sniffing my candles.

The scents tend to speak for themselves, so when I'm at a craft show, I tell customers to let me know if they have any questions and then stand back to let the candles do their thing.

It's so fun to watch people react to different scents, and this couple was having a blast! At one point, the gentleman asked me, "Why all the violent names?" I laughed and explained that they're all named like murder mystery books. More specifically, cozy mysteries.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how & where I got the inspiration for my candles!

As you might guess, I'm a HUGE cozy mystery fan.

For those of you who don't know, a cozy mystery is a murder mystery without graphic & gory details. There's usually an amateur female sleuth who owns a cute little shop in a small town & slowly builds a romantic relationship throughout the series...often with the sheriff, because obviously.

Think modern day Agatha Christie.

Anyway, a few years ago, I was reading a Tea Shop Mysteries book by Laura Childs. I can't remember which one exactly, maybe Plum Tea Crazy. Anyway, I was sitting in bed reading, completely lost in the adorable tea shop owned by Theodosia and Drayton.

At some point, I realized I'd stopped reading because I'd become so caught up in my daydreams. I pictured having my own cute shop full of ambiance and charm where customers could walk in and become lost in their surroundings. But without the murders, of course!

So, I started thinking about what kind of shop I could have. I've always been extremely creative and can do lots of things from sewing and crocheting to writing and ballet.

But none of these were right for my cozy mystery daydream.

I then had the thought that every time I read, I burn a candle. There's something about the scent of a candle that helps me relax and really immerse myself in the book.

Then it hit me. BANG! Murder Mystery Candles: candles named like cozy murder mysteries!

I began doing my research into candle making, decided which type of wax I'd like to use, got myself a little kit, and started experimenting. The rest is history. I've since expanded to 2 sizes of candles, wax melts, fire starters, and crocheted candle coasters.

I still don't have a brick-and-mortar shop like the one in my dreams, but maybe one day my cozy little shop will become reality!

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